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Managing the Mayhem of Meltdowns e-course winner!

Congratulations to Mandy, our winner of Growth and Grit’s new e-course Managing the Mayhem of Meltdowns!! Having done this course myself, I know you’ll find it invaluable!

Eloise from Growth and Grit has a huge amount of experience and shares her knowledge in a very clear, practical way. My girls have already had a couple of meltdowns for me since I’ve done the course, so I’ve been able to put the strategies I’ve learnt into practice and they were great! (The first meltdown I didn’t do so well, but then I got a second chance to practice a couple of days later. Kids are great at giving us lots of opportunities to improve our parenting!)

The Managing the Mayhem of Meltdowns course is now live and available for purchase for anyone interested in learning more about their children’s brain development and how to better understand and manage tantrums (who doesn’t want to know this!).

Eloise also has a number of free resources and e-courses on her site so make sure you check those out too.

Talking about resources, I have my free resource coming out NEXT WEEK for parents going through divorce or separation. Kids Ask Hard Questions helps you answer 15 common questions kids have during a break up from “When will I see Daddy/Mummy?” to “Is that your new boyfriend/girlfriend?”

So remember to subscribe so you don’t miss out! I’d love to have you join the blogging family here, supporting each other in our parenting and learning about our fantastic kids.

Talk soon!



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