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“Absolutely wonderful to work with! Will definitely use again, if needed! We were very much on the same page and worked well together. She not only helped me write the rest of my story but helped me fix the structure/organization. I never could have finished this without her. Very knowledgeable and contributed great content, much of which came from sources I never would have known about. Thank you! “

Molly M (non-fiction) – United States

Finally get your fantastic ideas down in writing! Most people have an idea they’d like to develop, information they want to share, or a book they’d love to write.

But getting a manuscript assessment or doing a course to improve your writing skills can be very expensive. Often people spend thousands trying to improve their content and get it ready for publication.

That’s where I come in. Helping individuals, like you, is a passion of mine.

I love empowering people to share their skills, knowledge, and ideas with the world in a clear, beautiful, and engaging way.

I’ve spent years working on the craft of writing and am passionate about helping other people develop their work, whether fiction or non-fiction.

You’ll learn to share your knowledge more clearly. Your writing will pack a punch and engage audiences. You’ll finally pursue the writing project you’ve been sitting on for years, waiting for the right time. Because the right time is now!

This is truly the best time to be a writer.

Online job opportunities are exploding and there’s a high demand for great content. Your content!

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I look forward to hearing about your ideas!

Kelly Eden

More client reviews:

“Absolutely delighted to work with her. She went above and beyond and gave invaluable suggestions. Highly recommended.”

Lalla (Children’s Fiction) – United States

“Thanks to Kelly Eden I was able to polish my own story to the whole new level.”

Science Fiction Novelist – Belarus

“A truly gifted writer. Needed a children’s book to be written. The work was beyond expectations. Very lucky to have found her.”

Mikesh S (Children’s Fiction) – India