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“What a brilliant story, I am so happy to have read it! And I love the ending.”

Susannah McFarlane | Author of EJ Girl Hero and EJ Spy School Series.

Launch your child into reading chapter books!

Help! I’m Moving to Mars is a funny, adventurous early chapter book for readers aged 6-10.

Moving away from your best friends and your amazing drama group is terrible when you’re an eleven year old future movie star, but what if your parents decide your new home is going to be on Mars?

Can Malia really face her future as a Martian, make friends with space nerds, and learn to accept her weird family? Maybe, but definitely not the Mexican walking fish….

“I read the story and enjoyed it very much. I particularly liked Malia, who I found very funny and engaging. I liked the way she changed emotionally in the story too.”

Sarah Johnson | Author of The Spaghetti giraffe

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