Turn Your Writing Passion into Cash: How to Start Copywriting in 2021

You dream of being a writer. You’re passionate about words. You like to help others pack a punch with their content. You want an income that will let you live in freedom.

Copywriting: A profitable writing path anyone can learn

One very profitable avenue for writers is copywriting. Anyone can learn to write copy well, even beginner writers. Copy is any content that sells or markets something.

Note: This post contains affiliate links that I may earn a commission from.

I wrote copy for a few years early in my career. I wrote website pages for a photographer, brochures for government organizations, radio advertising scripts for a hairdresser…it was always different and every day I learnt something new.

But… I had no idea what I was doing! I felt like a fraud and, because of that, I charged pitiful rates for my work. Sometimes a client completely ripped me off. I was writing blind. I wrote copy for around three years and only started to get confident in the last year.

Recently, I was invited to try out an online copywriting course, the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy. I didn’t think I’d learn anything, having done copy for three years, but I was so wrong!

I couldn’t take notes quickly enough–I scribbled them down enthusiastically and got really excited by the content. Why wasn’t this around when I started out! I could have felt confident charging much better rates. I could have made some decent money. Some copywriters earn six-figure incomes!

If you’re interested in copywriting, this is the definitely the course I’d recommend. Winging it in the copywriting world just wastes your time and limits your earnings.

I’m super careful about what I recommend to other writers but I’ve tested this one out, including their mentoring call and incredibly supportive Facebook group, and it’s a winner.

Here’s the link to the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy’s free training video. Even the free training alone is useful: it covers how to get started finding clients, how to build your income, and more. (You can tell I’m excited about it!)


What You Do

Write amazing copy for clients, develop marketing material, tell their brand story in an inspiring way, write website content people actually want to read and so much more…

What You Earn

Copywriters set their own rates. How do you decide? There are guidelines and recommended rates to help you decide what’s fair for you and your clients. Don’t worry! The course guides through all that tricky money stuff!

Who You Are

Someone passionate about the power of the written word. A people-person, dedicated to helping others. You’re motivated and determined. You’re here to succeed.

Where You Work

You set your own hours and choose your own jobs. You can work whenever and where-ever you like. I do! (It’s as good as it sounds) And if you want to work in your PJ’s, go for it!

Find out how to get started writing copy.