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Valentines ideas for dads

A dad’s role is to help their kids feel valued.

When I was a child, every Valentine’s Day my dad (a single parent of three girls) gave me a little note and chocolates. That small gesture meant a lot. I felt cherished, loved and lovable. But the most important thing he did for me and my sisters was to make us feel that way every day.

Recently my dad wrote a guest post for me about what kids really need from their dads and it was a very popular topic! I thought Valentines Day would be the perfect time to do a recap of his post before I talk about some of the fun valentines ideas I’ve found for you to do with or for your kids.

What kids need on Valentine’s Day (and every day)

The primary role of a father is to let his kids know they are valued. When a child feels valued they are appreciated, understood, listened to, given time, encouraged in their strengths, and helped to discover who they are.

Children need to know that their parents are pleased that they were born,  that they are important enough for their parents to be around, to spend time with them, and that they are an important member of the family.

Dad’s can do this whether they live with their children full-time or not. It’s actually surprisingly simple to let our kids know they are valued. It’s free and it only takes a few minutes!

Letting kids know they are loved

When you are with your children try the following four simple things:

  • Lie on the floor for ten minutes each day, letting the kids crawl all over you and pull your face into strange shapes.
  • Hug your child once a day. 
  • Once a day look into your child’s eyes and say “I really love you.” 
  • Twice a year say “I am very pleased we had you!”

  Read more about the one thing that kids really need from their dad here.

Valentine’s Day with kids

Valentines day is a great opportunity to encourage your kids to think about others. Try doing something nice for a charity, children’s hospital or retirement home. Happy Science Mom has some ideas in her post How to spread love on Valentines Day.

I really like the Fizzy Science Activity idea in this post. What better way to show your kids you love them than to spend focused time doing fun experiments!

Help your preschooler make a card for mum with these Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for toddlers.

And this Valentines Day Gift Guide will give you some ideas. As a big advocate for reading with our kids, I love the idea of giving books for Valentine’s Day! They could be Valentines themed or just a book you know they will love.

Almost a reader has a list of Valentine’s Day book ideas  that you could buy or get out from the library to share with your kids.

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