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How to Handle a TANTRUM without Destroying Relationships

Preventing and managing tantrums. Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash

In line with our recent theme of dealing with tantrums, I wanted to share this post with you from one of my favourite parenting bloggers Mrs S. from When “Fit” Hits The “Shan”. There are lots of great ideas for preventing and managing meltdowns here, so I’m sure you’ll find it as helpful as I did!

What to do with tantrums

Everything from stomping feet, to flailing on the floor, to screaming, to physically attacking people and things. It’s basically a name for every parent’s nightmare… especially if tantrums happen in public.

In our case, tantrums started when our baby hit 13 months. She will tighten up her hands into fists, her whole body shakes, and she screams bloody murder. This is usually followed by crying and falling to the floor. Sometimes when my husband and I try to help her calm down, she will push us away or hit us.

So, being good, responsible parents…. What are we supposed to do?

Source: How to Handle a TANTRUM without Destroying Relationships

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